Gautam Navlakha’s speech in the Debate “Kashmir’s Ambassador – Dr. Ghulam Nabi”

“I will not fein personal hurt or anger that Ghulam Nabi Fai Sahib admitted having received money from ISI. I thought it was politically unwise to allow the cause we hold dear to come under shadow because of doubts about our autonomy. Kashmiri diaspora had in itself the resources to fund Kashmir American Council. It would be naive of me to ignore the dilemma that confronts resistance in a context of war and where everything that is attempted above ground is throttled by laws, rules, coercion and threat leaving few choices for the resistance. However, credibility of a person matters and cause even more so. Having said this Fai Sahib’s personal integrity is not in doubt for me.
The crime that Fai Sahib committed in the eyes of US Law is ofcourse being magnified. Even under US law his mistake was minor; not to have disclosed being in receipt of foreign funds. Had this been disclosed there would have been no problem. So its a fine point of law; Fai Sahib is actually a victim of a cross-fire between the US administration and the Pakistan government. Whether he was set up by US agencies or done in at behest of India is a moot point.
The amount received $3.5 million over 1990-2010 is but few hundred US dollars annually, an amount which could not have gone far considering the cost of lobbying in US. But if we consider the exaggerated and alarmist account of his activities which appeared in Indian media, I would in all honesty also then wish to point out that when everything said and done Fai Sahib and his colleagues did a marvellous and effective lobbying! Put it another way Fai Sahib used the limited resources to good use. He is truly someone who with his warm and generous personality acted as a force multiplier for bringing Kashmiri cause before the US public.
I do know that Fai Sahib is honest in his commitment to his people, and I remain very fond of him and proud of him as a fellow traveler.”

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  1. reports from us suggest that navlakka was introduced by fai to isi general for recrutiment. such is his worth. given this, how can one beleive that navlakha can be trusted one bit when it comes to giving india's side.. seems to have sold his soul for pk rupee

  2. What an antinational scoundrel Navlakha is for openly supporting an ISI stooge. Should be thrown in jail for sedition and treason


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