Govt targeting Kashmir’s Social Milieu: SAS Geelani

Srinagar, Dec 22: Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Shah Geelani Thursday accused the Government of resorting to ‘social engineering’ to damage the social fabric in Jammu and Kashmir.
Talking to Greater Kashmir after holding a meeting of Advisory Council of the amalgam, Geelani said New Delhi has devised long and short term policies to damage the social fabric of Kashmiri society.
“They are trying to change our culture, tradition and beliefs by employing different tactics. Their first targets are Sarpanchs, Panchs, former renegades and some clerics. The motive behind sending them on tours is to change the public opinion in favour of India and against the ongoing movement,” he said.
Expressing concern over ‘spurt in unethical and wayward acts,’ Geelani said Government is promoting the spread of social evils in the Valley. “This is a part of planned conspiracy to mutilate the Muslim identity of Kashmir. And waywardness is being promoted in our colleges and universities in the name of cultural programs,” he said, alleging that police is behaving as mute spectator towards drug addiction.
Geelani said religious leaders and media should come forward to counter ‘cultural aggression waged by the Government.’ “They can play a vital role over this issue of national interest and it will be a great blunder if we remain silent on the issue,” he cautioned.
Stating that ‘thrusting of some vested interest elements on Wakaf Board’ was a serious issue, Geelani said Hurriyat was collecting details and would make the masses aware at an opportune time.
“We will not allow exploitation of this institution and those involved in bungling of Wakaf funds will be made accountable before the nation. Wakaf Board and its allied institutions are our religious assets. Common masses are not getting any benefit from it,” he said.


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