India poised to become permanent member of the UNSC if granted MFN: Jamaat-e-Islami Secretary General warns Pak Govt.

Lahore: Jamaat-e-Islami Secretary General Liaquat Baloch has warned the government that granting India the Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status would pave way for India to become permanent member of the United Nations Security Council.
Addressing the party leaders from NA-126 at Mansoora on Saturday, he said the trader community must also keep in mind India’s behaviour towards Pakistan and the negative impacts of the decision of bilateral trade with India taken by the cabinet.
He lashed out at the government, saying that it had strengthened the U-turn policy on Kashmir adopted by former dictator Pervaiz Musharraf inflicting irreparable loss to the Kashmir freedom movement.
He recalled that India had occupied many states, including Kashmir, during the partition of the subcontinent and massacred Muslims denying their right to self-determination.
“Now India is building dams on rivers that flowing into Pakistan in order to barren the Pakistani soil but the Pakistani government was not paying proper attention to it,” he deplored.
Liaquat Baloch said that India was patronising all subversive and terrorist activities in Pakistan.
He said that all patriotic forces, including the JI, had condemned the government’s decision. He demanded of the government to immediately withdraw its decision.


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