Joint responsibility of people to take care of the families of the imprisoned: Syed Ali Geelani

Srinagar: Chairman APHC Syed Ali Geelani has said that the reason for extension of the period of our slavery is our own weakness. Our people on one hand support pro-freedom leadership and on the other hand adopt the same pattern with the pro-India leadership. Terming the extravaganza on marriages harmful for the nation Mr. Geelani said that the pomp and show by some people on marriages is leading to social problems with girls belonging to poor families not being married till late age. Expressing serious concern over the appalling condition of the political prisoners, he said that it is the joint responsibility of our people to take care of the families of the people languishing behind the bars. Mr. Geelani was speaking at a public gathering in Khonmoh. He went to the home of Rayees Ahmad Wani who was martyred in 2010 and also enquired from the home of Mr. Muhammad Younus Bhat who is in prison for the past nine years.
Later, addressing the large gathering, Mr. Geelani said that India is forcefully occupying Kashmir and we have been struggling against this occupation for the past six decades. Geelani said that at the beginning of the armed movement I had warned that the struggle may take a long time, so we should plan our strategy. Youth at that time became angry with me. But, even today, I say the same thing that we can’t fix time tables for achieving freedom. But one thing is for sure that we will be free from this occupation even if then road is long and difficult. Mr. Geelani said that we are ourselves responsible for the hardships that we face because we as a nation are not showing steadfastness despite having a strong sentiment for freedom. We are ready to follow pro-India politicians for petty benefits. These parties are enemies of our national cause and India is using these parties to lengthen its strangle on Kashmir.
APHC chairman while laying stress on austere marriages said that people who spend lakhs of rupees in spendthrift are guilty before the nation as they don’t think that the poor people living in their vicinities can’t marry of their daughters because they have no avenues to meet even the legitimate expenditure.
Expressing deep concern over the appalling conditions of political prisoners, Mr. Geelani said that besides 50 Hurriyat leaders, a number of our youth have been held heabus carpus. Courts have quashed multiple PSA’s of these men but police is not paying any heed to court orders and they are being re-arrested in fake cases.
Mr. Geelani said that we are very much concerned about the people who have been sentenced to death or life imprisonment as the Indian courts are partisan with respect to Kashmiri people.
Laying stress on the formation of Baitul Maals at the locality level, Mr. Geelani said that people should come forward to help the families of martyrs and prisoners. He said that it is the duty of the people to enquire about the well being of these families. To over look it may invite Allah’s wrath on us.
Mr. Geelani said that Tehreek-e-Hurriyat is doing what ever possible to make legal aid available to these prisoners including those sentenced to life imprisonment. He asked people to come forward and help TeH monetarily in this endeavour. He said keeping in mind the needs of the movement I can say that the one of the best organization to give Ushr, Zakat and other sadaqat is Tehreek-e-Hurriyat’s baitul maal. People should come forward for donations in the month of Ramadan as the number of people affected by this movement is large. People should also form baitul maals on their own at local levels to help these people.
APHC chairmen said that men from different Indian agencies are on my trail. I am kept under house arrest often but whenever I am released they make sure that somebody is kept on my trail. He said but these tactics can’t stop me and until the last Indian solidier leaves our land our struggle will continue.


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