Kashmiri people hate India like rat hates a cat: M M Ansari

Srinagar, Feb 25: Claiming the former Home Minister P Chidambaram was not in favour of the hanging of Afzal Guru, former interlocutor and Chief Information Commissioner, M M Ansari Sunday slammed New Delhi for keeping everyone in dark about the execution.
“I fail to understand why he was hanged when his number was 28th. Why he was made scapegoat and for which purpose he was executed though the killers of Rajiv Gandhi were in line before him. These questions Central Government must answer and New Delhi must satisfy the people of Kashmir and answer them the motive behind the untimely execution,” Ansari said and added that “such tactics are bound to alienate the people of Kashmir and it is very unfortunate that Government of India didn’t take the recommendations of the interlocutors very seriously”.
Ansari said that present Finance Minister P Chidambaram always used to say that the number of Afzal is 28th but the way Government of India hanged Afzal, sparing the killers of Rajiv Gandhi clearly indicates that it was a political stunt which is very unfortunate.
“Government of India clearly violated the norms of Jail manual and even didn’t allow the family members to meet Afzal. I am shocked what Government of India wants to prove by this act,” he said and added that eminent jurists and Civil Society members were aghast over the procedures that Government of India followed.
Terming the execution as an unfortunate episode, Ansari said that it has become now very difficult to bridge the gap between Kashmiri people and India. “I personally believe that people of Kashmir hate India as a rat hates cat but the interlocutors tried to bridge the gap between people of Kashmir and India. All is over now and India has to make a fresh start and it seems very difficult.
Ansari said India without any delay must hand over the mortal remains of Guru to his family. “Our major recommendations were not implemented. In a way Radha Kumar is right that India showed cold response to our recommendations but the fact is that Government of India is not aware about the facts about Kashmir,” he said and added that even Chief Minister Omar Abdullah was taken on board. “Chief Minister is an authority and look the way how Government of India treated him even though he (Omar Abdullah) was repeatedly telling Centre not to execute Afzal. But they ignored him, left him aghast. When a Chief Minister is not having a say how can you expect that the voice of a common Kashmiri will be heard,” Ansari said.


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