Kashmiris helpless birds locked in rusty cages: Gautam Navlakha

Srinagar, Feb 17: Terming people of Kashmir as ‘helpless birds locked in rusty cages’, human rights activist Gautam Navlakha Saturday said the way Indian civil society maintained silence over the execution of Afzal Guru and about the unabated curfew in Kashmir was astounding.
“There is no democracy in Kashmir, in fact in whole India, democracy is vanishing and I must tell you that by forcing people not to express their views and lodge protest, the State government is once again compelling people of Kashmir valley to take up guns,” Navlakha told CNS, a Srinagar based news gathering agency.
He said few Indians who want to highlight the plight of Kashmiri people were being gagged by Hindu extremists.
Navlakha said Kashmir had become a prison for people where even media was being gagged.
“People of Kashmir feel that no Indian is talking about their plight and yes it is true to a great extent. I am myself surprised by the way Indian civil society has maintained criminal silence over the present crisis in Kashmir. People of Kashmir are being flocked like cattle and we all Indians are silent. Can we still claim that Kashmir is a part of India when we care a fig for the people there and muzzle their voice, don’t let them come out from the houses to register a protest against the media gag and execution of Afzal Guru,” he said.
Navlakha said Kashmiris were being again pushed to the wall and compelled to pick up gun again.
“No democracy in the world favours secret execution. It is really a pity that Afzal was hanged and even his family members were not intimated about his execution. Indian people especially Indian civil society has proved that they are all anti-Kashmiri who love to watch Kashmiris being bashed everywhere,” Navlakha said.
He said how long Government of India would ignore this fact that it had lost everything in Kashmir and Kahsmiri people just want to get rid from India at any cost.

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