Liquor’s main cause for erosion of Muslim identity: Syed Ali Geelani

Srinagar, Dec 6: Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman Syed Ali Geelani today slammed Farooq Abdullah for advocating reopening of cinema halls and liquor shops in Kashmir, saying there was no place for such “immoral things” in the Valley. “Kashmir is a place of saints and there is no place for liquor shops and cinema halls here.” Reacting to Farooq Abdullah for his advocacy for opening of cinema and liquor shops to attract tourists, the Hurriyat Conference chairman castigated Abdullah for “hurting Muslim sensibilities of the state by promoting unIslamic activities”. “Kashmir valley is an abode of saints and seers. There is no place for liquor shops and cinema halls here… The Abdullah family is responsible for waywardness and several social evils in Kashmir,” said Geelani. The leader said, he was not surprised by Abdullah’s suggestions. “It was the National Conference who in 1978 provided a constitutional cover to liquor in the state assembly. Liquor is at the core of social evils with a potential to damage social and family fabric. Liquor is prohibited in Islam and saints in the valley have been fighting the evil all their lives,” said Geelani. Farooq on Monday said cinemas should open again in Kashmir and liquor shops should be made available to attract tourists. “It poses no threat to Islam,” he said. Responding to Abdullah’s “no threat to Islam”, Geelani said, “Liquor is main cause for erosion of Muslim identity… Many states in India does not sell liquor and it does not impact their economy.


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