MLA’s are made to play like actors of a Circus: Er Rashid

Srinagar: Terming the recently concluded assembly session as just wastage of time MLA Langate Er Rasheed has accused New Delhi of exploiting Kashmiris and giving them a sense of defeat once more. He alleged that New Delhi is treating Kashmir as its colony and enjoying like a colonial power which has resulted in loss of credibility of the state assembly. He said that after monitoring the so called business of recently concluded session, of the assembly, common masses and the political analysts are genuine in raising the questions regarding the huge expenditure for conducting the session.” I plan to bring a piece of legislation in the next session of the assembly which will ensure that any loss occurred to the state, by not allowing the house to function by the members, be recovered from the MLA’s responsible for the unruly behavior”, Er said.
He said that people in New Delhi make Kashmiri politicians to play on their tunes like the actors of a circus which results in getting a sense of defeat in the hearts of Kashmiri people. He said that though he firmly believes in an impartial probe in the killing of NC activist Syed Yusuf but the incident was used by New Delhi and its puppets to deviate the attention of the masses from the managed failure of the resolution about the mercy of Afzal Gooru. MLA Langate revealed that the said killing has exposed the deep rooted corruption in the mainstream political parties under the cover of their top brasses. Er Rasheed said “though they (NC, PDP and Congress etc) have succeeded in not getting the resolution tabled but the incident has truly exposed them before the common Kashmiris and raising Syed Yusuf’s issue so vigorously was just a calculated move to divert attention of masses from the resolution about Afzal Gooru”. He said New Delhi may enjoy fora while over the fate of the resolution of Gooru but the incident has proved that mainstream political parties in Jammu and Kashmir can not even dream of doing anything without the permission of their masters in New Delhi.
MLA Langate questioned the sincerity of New Delhi to offer anything attractive to Kashmiris. MLA Langate, while referring to the fate of Afzal Gooru resolution, said that the mainstream parties may talk high in the public meetings to exploit the popular public sentiment but they can hardly justify the condemnable role they played in the house when the resolution was to be debated. “The mainstream parties have failed to provide even Sadak, Pani and Bijli, how can they claim to be able to resolve the big issues like Kashmir”, Er. said and added that “their (mainstream politician’s) claims to resolve Kashmir issue through autonomy or self rule etc. is like searching water in the desert. Er Rasheed said that the outcome of his resolution and other developments in the recently concluded assembly session have made even a common man to believe that the political leadership has failed to deliver at all fronts especially regarding the resolution of the long pending dispute of Jammu and Kashmir as such it is high time to invite the United Jihad Council for the talks for the just based political solution of Kashmir dispute.


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