No Kashmiri is safe in India; Army responsible for killings: Prashant Bhushan

New Delhi: Urging Government of India to resolve Kashmir issue as soon as possible Human Rights activist and reputed Supreme Court lawyer, Prashant Bhushan Tuesday claimed that “no Kashmiri is safe in any part of India as communal forces are ruling the country.”
“In Kashmir Army is responsible for suppression while in India communal forces including extremist Hindu outfits are busy in terrorizing Kashmiri people who manger their affairs in different parts of India. How can you expect that a Kashmiri is safe in India when police can do encounter of anybody even an Indian in any part of the country,” Prashant said, adding that the execution of Afzal Guroo brought disrepute to India.
Commenting on the mysterious death of Kashmiri student in Hyderabad, Prashant said that Kashmiri people managing their affairs in different states of India are not secure. He said there is lawlessness in whole country. “Not speaking of Kashmiri people even a common Indian is not safe in India! “All over country police is indulging in fake encounters. Hindu sponsored terrorism is on peak. No one is safe here. The reality is that Kashmiri’s are being maltreated and suppressed by communal forces in every corner of the country,” Bhushan said.
He said the execution of Afzal Guru exposed India all over world. “The way Afzal was not allowed to meet his family before his execution exposed India and people of Kashmir came to know about the real face of India. I sincerely believe that Kashmir is an issue and it needs to be resolved. The early India will resolve it, the better it will be for it,” Prashant said and added that policies of Central Government towards Kashmir are full of fallacies.
Urging Government of India to repeal Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) from Jammu and Kashmir and North East, he said that AFSPA is the root cause of every evil in Kashmir. Army is suppressing people in the garb of this contentious Act and it must be abolished. “Make Army accountable and take action against erring army personnel who kill people. It is unfortunate that people of Kashmir are not being heard and flocked like cattle; he said, adding that the more government will suppress the sentiments of people the more people will resist and develop hatred and anger towards India.


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