No peace in South Asia until Kashmir problem resolved: Azad Kashmir PM

By: Hamid Golpira
Islamabad, Dec 19: There can be no peace in the South Asia region until the Jammu and Kashmir problem is resolved, according to the prime minister of the Azad Government of the State of Jammu and Kashmir.
Nobody in the region can be secure if there’s a war, Choudhary Abdul Majid said in a meeting with an Iranian media delegation in Islamabad on December 15.
On Iran’s role in the region, he stated that Iran is the true brother of the people of Pakistan.
The late Imam Khomeini was a great figure for the Islamic world, he added, and expressed regret that he never met the Founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran in person.
“But I met him through his books and read his thoughts and opinions. Imam Khomeini was a unique and unforgettable figure for all Muslims.”
Commenting on the Kashmir liberation movement, he said, “The future of Kashmir has to be decided by the people of Kashmir. Every nation has to respect self-determination. Almost the majority of the Kashmiri people have decided their choice, they want to join Pakistan. We don’t want independence or an autonomous region,” he stated.
“Many people were killed in the struggle. I think the fate of Kashmir will be decided only by talks and negotiation. The United Nations resolution was passed to shape the Kashmir territory. I think if India considers itself a democratic country (it has) to respect self-determination.”
Asked about the support of the Muslim community, the Azad Jammu and Kashmir prime minister replied, “Muslims shouldn’t forget that we are all one ummah (community). We need more support from our brothers. Iran has supported us, but I think more can be done. If Iran helps us, we will unconditionally support Iranians. We share lots of things, in terms of heritage and culture, with our neighboring country, Iran.”
Responding to India’s charges that Pakistan is meddling in its affairs, he stated that Pakistan is not intervening across the border into Indian-administered Kashmir.
Asked if the region of Ladakh would be allowed to have a separate referendum to remain in India even if the Kashmir Valley voted to secede from India, he said, “The government of Azad Kashmir is the representative of all of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Both parts of Jammu and Kashmir are one unit. Kashmir is not a piece of cake to cut into pieces. They are human beings.”
But unfortunately, the United Nations Security Council is not serious about the referendum on self-determination, he added.
And Pakistan has suffered a lot as a result of its support of the Kashmiri people, he stated.
On the Kashmiri people’s desire for liberation, he said, “They want freedom, freedom, freedom. They don’t want to live with India.”

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