Nothing to do with municipal polls: UJC Cheif

Srinagar, Nov 23: United Jihad Council (UJC) chief Syed Salahuddin on Wednesday said the militants have nothing to do with Municipal or Panchayat elections in Jammu and Kashmir as they are related only with running administrative affairs at the local level. Ruling out his involvement in active politics, the UJC chief said grant of Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status to India by Pakistan tantamount to “rubbing salt on the wounds of Kashmiris.”
In an exclusive interview with local news agency KNS, Salahuddin said: “Kashmiris have their own viewpoint regarding the Panchayat and Municipal polls i.e, they are held for running the administrative affairs at local level. And for them, it is not necessary to take an oath of allegiance towards Indian Constitution. During these polls, people are brought on the forefront for running administrative affairs. This is neither a matter of concern for us and nor we pay any attention towards it,” he said.
The UJC chief also ruled out quitting the armed struggle for joining politics.
“I cannot even think of it, but I am playing my role on both political as well as diplomatic front. If any damage is caused on the political level, I am not among those who will remain mute spectator. And if any militant harms the movement, then the political leaders should identify him,” he said in reply to a query whether he intends to join politics.
Salahuddin added that he will continue to extend support to the sincere leadership of Kashmir at every juncture of the movement.
When asked whether he will takeover the leadership of Hurriyat (G) after Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Salahuddin said: “They have Majlis-e-Shoora which has its own constitution and way for electing leadership. If there is any vacuum, then there is Muhammad Ashraf Sehrai – righthand man of Geelani for a long time. Nobody can forget his sacrifice.”
Expressing concern over the current policy of Pakistan on Kashmir, the UJC chief said that statement of Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Geelani that India has accepted Kashmir as dispute is a big lie.
“India has not accepted Kashmir as dispute and if anybody says this, he is betraying Kashmiris as well as Pakistanis. The former president Parvez Musharraf also befooled people by resorting to the same lie. If Pakistan was facing difficulties in advocating cause of Kashmiris, they should disassociate from it. We can plead our own case as United Nations has accepted the disputed status of Kashmir in its resolutions,” he added.
He said grant of MFN status to India by Pakistan raises doubts on its Kashmir policy.
“The status will give economic and political supremacy to India, which can cause hindrance in resolution of Kashmir and it is also against Pakistan’s national integrity,” he said, adding that in Pakistan administered Kashmir all political as well as armed groups have rejected the decision and decided to launch nationwide campaign against it.
Terming the announcement of chief minister Omar Abdullah regarding partial withdrawal of Armed Forces Special Powers Act as “face saving”, he said New Delhi is giving an impression that Omar Abdullah’s announcement is under consideration for giving weight to his government.
“Omar Abdullah has no position or importance to revoke the draconian law entirely or in phased manner. The Act was imposed on the recommendations of forces to give them more powers for killing people,” he said.
Asking both Hurriyats to unite, the UJC chief said they should come on a single stage to represent the oppressed Kashmiris.
“Musharraf’s policies created dissension within the ranks of the conglomerate and even some people accepted them. But it is heartening that both factions have refrained from opposing each other,” he added.


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