Syed Ali Geelani concerned over LoC firing

Srinagar: Expressing concern over exchange of heavy firing between Indo-Pak armies on the ceasefire line and loss of lives thereof, Hurriyat (G) Chairman, Syed Ali Geelani has sought UN secretary general Ban-Ki-Moon’s intervention in addressing the Kashmir issue which, according to Geelani, is reason for prevailing tensions along border.
In a statement, Geelani said, “Delaying resolution of Kashmir issue is a basic reason for the prevailing tension between India and Pakistan. If UN general secretary Ban-Ki-Moon helps in resolving the dispute in accordance with the wishes of its people, it will be a great service towards saving this region from a destructive war.”
He said, “if holding referendum was possible in Scotland which was a legal part of England, what was wrong in holding the same in internationally accepted and acknowledged disputed territory of Jammu and Kashmir.”
He said both the countries possess dangerous atomic weapons and the UNO knows what kind of war would it be in terms of destruction and loss of human lives.
Geelani expressed concern over the exchange of war statements by two neighbours against each other and said, “the thing, halting the permanent solution to the long pending Kashmir dispute is the rigid and stubborn policies of India. When the democratic system is gaining popularity all over the world and the basic human rights are upheld everywhere, the Indian policies are dishonouring its own claim of being the ‘biggest democracy in the world’.”


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