PSUF demands special package for flood-hit private schools

Srinagar: An organistion of private schools today sought a special package for the revival of education sector in the flood-hit Kashmir, claiming that the private schools incurred a loss of around Rs 4,000 crore in the deluge.
“The recent floods have severely impacted the education system, threatening career of thousands of students and creating a situation where the entire education sector faces imminent collapse if nothing is done to save it,” General Secretary of Private Schools United Front (PSUF) G N Var told reporters here.
Quoting preliminary assessment made by PSUF, Var said the private schools have incurred a loss of around Rs 3,000 crore to Rs 4,000 crores.
“Our buildings worth crores have been damaged. We have lost our computers, stationery, school data of more than a decade, record of students, school buses, stationery and other valuable assets,” he said.
“Some of the schools are fully damaged and we have to start from zero,” he said, adding, most of the private schools are without insurance cover.
He said the magnitude of crisis is such that resuming of normal school work will take time and government needs to come out with a clear-cut policy to save career of affected students.
“The floods have affected thousands of children who are now left with inability to pay their fee or buy books. In addition, our teachers and support staff will also suffer as the schools-in-losses are unable to pay them salaries,” Var said.
Pressing for education relief package exclusively for the private schools, the PSUF leader said “all schools affected by the floods are risk prone and unable to resume work and as such a new arrangement or policy is the need of the hour”.
“We appeal the government to put aside a part of the relief money for education sector,” he said.


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