‘Alien looking’ baby born in South Kashmir

Srinagar, Feb 23: An ‘alien looking’ baby was born on Friday in south Kashmir’s Kulgam district which frightened the family so much that they fled from the hospital without taking the baby along.
However, doctors said that such babies are called collodion babies who suffer from skin disorder. In medical terminology it is termed as lamilaellar icthyosis.
According to reports, Misra Begam wife of Shabir Ahmed from Damhalhanji Pora was admitted in Maternity and Child Care Hospital in south Kashmir’s Kulgam district during the wee hours on Friday.
She gave birth to a baby boy who according to witnesses looked like an alien. “As soon as the father and other family members looked at the newly born, they were so frightened that they fled from the hospital,” a doctor said and added that people could call him alien but in medical terminology such babies are called collodion babies which suffer from skin disorder.
The skin of the infant is brightred, shiny and translucent and its head is larger than a normal baby with closed eyes.
Dr Shakir Malik said such babies usually don’t survive as they suffer from icthyosis syndrome. “Such type of baby was born in US in 1984 who survived for few years. It is a rare disorder but in Jammu and Kashmir it is not the first case as in Jammu such type of babies were born who later on died after sometime,” Dr Malik said.
Pertinently, collodion baby is the name given to a baby who is born encased in a skin that resembles a yellow, tight and shiny film or dried collodion (sausage skin). These babies are often premature.


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