Flood destroys identity of Pulwama hamlet

Pulwama: Once known for its lush green orchards and paddy fields, the small hamlet of Gulzarpora in this Jammu and Kashmir border district now stands as a testimony to the magnitude of devastation caused by the state’s worst floods in a century.
Gulzarpora, nestled in the laps of Pir Panchal mountain range, was once a self-sustaining village, known for its quality rice and apple production. But the recent floods have destroyed its very identity and affected the livelihood of thousands of villagers.
“We all are farmers, who work hard throughout the year to get a good harvest. The paddy was almost ready and we were hopeful of a bumper crop, but now the floods have destroyed everything,” Maqsood Ali, a farmer in the village said.
The floodwaters have deposited a thick layer of silt over the agricultural land and damaged the standing crop.
The farmers of the village, who could produce foodgrains in surplus, said that they are now on the brink of starvation.
“Every year we store some paddy for our own consumption and the rest is sold in the market. Whatever we had stored was washed away by the floodwaters and the standing crop has been damaged,” Bashir Ahmed Ganie, another farmer in the village said.
The villagers here said that in absence of flood relief from the government, they were surviving on the mercy of the people from nearby villages.


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