Indian Army caught in timber theft

Bandipora: Police caught some army personnel allegedly stealing timber logs from Government Timber Depot at Ajas Bandipora during Monday night.

Depot officials said that the theft was going on for quite some time and the high officials of the department accused the employees of using the timber for themselves.
On Monday, sources said, the officials laid an ambush during the night to catch the thieves “red-handed”.
“They cordoned the depot and waited patiently all through the night. And what they saw shocked them. They saw two army vehicles of 2 Rashtriya Rifles stopping at the entrance of the gate who were trying to steal timber logs from the depot,” a local resident told Kashmir Reader on the condition of anonymity.
A police station and army camp of 13 RR are close to the depot.
When contacted, the Divisional Forest Officer Muhammad Maqbool Rather confirmed that his officials have caught two army vehicles stealing timber logs from the depot and said that the police were investigating.
“I received a call from my employees sharp at 12:30 that some army men are trying to steal timber logs from the depot. I immediately contacted Superintendent Police and told him about this incident. The SP ordered the police to take action against the army and took two army vehicles and some army personnel into custody,” Maqbool said. 


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