Kashmir report to be released in next 10 days: Padgaonkar

Srinagar: Days after Home Minster P. Chidambaram informed Parliament that Kashmir Report submitted by the interlocutors will be released soon, Chief Interlocutor and Noted Journalist Dilip Padgaonkar on Monday said that the report will be made public during the next two weeks. “I reckon the report will be released in next 10 to 15 days”, Padgaonkar said over phone from Pune, adding that the Home Minster P. Chidambaram had himself announced on the floor of the Lok Sabha few days back that a copy of the report would be made available in the parliament library soon, besides uploading it on the Home Ministry’s official website. Hinting of a possible meeting with Home Minster in the coming days, the Chief Interlocutor said, “I have left New Delhi in November and am nowadays in Pune, but whenever I visit Delhi, I meet home minister.” He added, “I am going to New Delhi in the coming days and will be meeting Home Minster.” Earlier Team Member and renowned academician, Prof. Radha Kumar had said that all the three members of the team were holding a meeting with Home Minster P. Chidambaram to stress for the early release of the report. “It is unfortunate that the report which was aimed to bring respite to Kashmiris, has been unnecessarily shelved”, Radha had asserted, adding that by doing so, not only the interlocutors but also the Government of India was loosing credibility among the people of Jammu and Kashmir. “We got tremendous support from the people during our one year engagement with them in Jammu and Kahmir”, claimed the female interlocutor, adding, “Why should they (People) believe you when they don’t find any result of our one year long exercise.” She stressed upon the early release of the report and had said that the report did not contain any kind of substance that could vitiate the atmosphere. However just a day after Radha’s criticism, Home Minster P. Chidambaram informed the LoK Sabha, that the Kashmir report was to be released soon. “In the next few days, the report of Jammu and Kashmir interlocutors will be uploaded on the (Home Ministry) website and it will also be placed in the Parliament library for everyone to see,” P Chidambaram informed Lok Sabha on Wednesday. Pertinently the three member team of interlocutors on Jammu and Kashmir comprising Dilip Padgaonkar, Radha Kumar and M M Ansari had submitted report to home Minster on October 12 last year. According to KNS, the report is learnt to have recommended the revocation of controversial AFSPA, besides touching upon other key issues.


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