Kashmiri youth allege harassment in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, March 07: In the aftermath of a mysterious death of a Kashmiri student in Hyderabad, youth who spoke to media are being allegedly harassed by the Hyderabad Police for sharing the valuable information. They said they are being threatened to remain tight lipped or face dire consequences.
Mudasir Ahmad Malla alias Kamran, 26, a research scholar at English and Foreign Languages University (EFLU) Hyderabad, was found hanging from the ceiling of his hostel room.
“After the death of Malla, we have been sharing some valuable information with the media. But, whoever was quoted by the media, the Hyderabad Police are harassing those youth. Police are asking us why we have shared information with the Kashmir media. They are asking us to remain tight lipped regarding his death,” a Kashmiri youth told over phone from Hyderabad wishing anonymity for fear of reprisal.
The youth have appealed the media to put down the links from the server in which the students have been quoted related to Mudasir’s death. They said they feel insecure since they too took part in the absentia prayers of Mohammad Afzal Guru.
“We really feel insecure here in the aftermath of Mudasir’s killing. I was quoted by a Kashmiri newspaper, since then, I have been facing harassment at the hands of police. We have been asked by the police either remain tight lipped or leave Hyderabad,” another student said, by adding, “it has created fear and psychosis among us.”
Not only the Kashmiri youth staying in Hyderabad, but the students in other states are echoing similar views. They complain that they are being harassed for taking part in absentia prayers for Mohammad Afzal Guru.
The cases of harassment with Kashmiri students outside the state have been reported many a times despite repeated assurances from the government that they would ensure their safety and security outside the Valley. But, all the government’s claims have fallen flat as the Kashmiri youths are continuously being assaulted outside the state.
Meanwhile, education of scores of students, who returned to their homes after attacked by activists of Shiv Sena and other groups in various parts of the country, is getting suffered with authorities failing to ensure their safety outside the state.
Scores of Kashmiris studying in various states including Dehradun were thrashed by the activists of Shiv Sena, when they took to streets to protest the hanging of Mohammad Afzal Guru, who was executed in Tihar Jail on February 9.
“I returned back to home after we faced harassment and scores of Kashmiri youths were beaten by goons in Dehradun. My family is worried about my safety to stay in Dehradun because the government has failed to ensure safety and security of Kashmiri youth outside the state,” said Bilal Ahmad, a resident of Anantnag, who returned back to home last week.


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