Lashkar denies statement against journalists

Srinagar, Apr 01: Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) today strongly denied having issued a statement against the journalists in Kashmir. In a statement to various media organisations, Dr Abdullah Gaznavi, spokesman of LeT, said he neither presided over a meeting nor issued a threatening statement against journalists. “The journalist community played a key role in highlighting the Kashmir issue at international level. We expect them to keep on discharging their duty in this connection in future also,” he said. The spokesman stated that Lashkar believes in freedom of press and that it is against pressure or coercion against free journalism. “Some miscreants are trying to create a wedge between media and Mujahideen but their designs will not be allowed to succeed. Our role towards media is very much evident. We have not threatened any newspaper, channel or journalist. We request that any news attributed to us be run only after I confirm it,” Dr Gaznavi said.


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