Meet the man behind ‘Kashur Pagal Khana’ meme page

Meet the man Javaid Tantray behind 'Kashur Pagal Khana' meme page
Javaid Ahmad Tantray, the man behind 'Kashur Pagal Khana' meme page

KUPWARA — Coming from very polite family background, a young student Javaid Tantray, owner of Facebook page ‘Kashur Pagal Khana’, has made a huge mark in Jammu and Kashmir with self-made meme material.

Javaid Ahmad Tantray, an MBA student from north Kashmir’s Kupwara district produces meme material on his page for the sole purpose of entertainment and humour.

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Javaid is survived by parents, two brothers, a sister, a wife, and a baby boy.

Javaid said that the meme material he publishes and shares is to beat the level of depression and anxiety that people in the Valley face in their day-to-day life. “The entire content is for fun propose only without any intention to hurt anyone’s sentiments,” he said.

Javaid said that he started the page in 2017 with an intention to share meme material and cracking fun only, but after a year the page remained dysfunctional for a long time due to his unavoidable busy schedule.

Not knowing the page ‘Kashur Pagal Khana’ will evoke a huge response, Javaid said that initially, he didn’t know that it will have a huge impact and people would start loving it to this level. The page, which is meant solely for the entertainment purpose, has reached 200K Likes/Followers in a very short span of time.

Javaid said the anxiety and depression caused by the COVID-19 pandemic motivated him to make the page functional again in 2019. “Within no time, some of the meme content went viral and the page managed to gain an unexpected response from the masses,” he said.

Javaid said that the content posted on his page only revolves around the current situation in the valley. “My motive has always been to make people laugh and bring more humour and entertainment to the life of the valley people who are engulfed with depression, anxiety, and other tensions,” he said, adding, “I want people to have a laugh at the end of the day.”

Maintaining that social media is a platform to promote an individual and other things, Javaid said the meme material is rather a source of publicity for an individual about whom the content is made, also that the particular person shouldn’t feel offended and even the viewers need to take it as a source of entertainment only.

“Very few people have criticised some of the memes, but then I made them understand about the purpose and with time, viewers understood my intentions. Now over 95 percent of the comments I receive are positive,” Javaid said.

‘Kashur Pagal Khana’ is one of the primary meme pages in Kashmir valley that has over 187K Likes and over 200K Followers.

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