When it comes to Kashmir, Arab Nations stand with “oppressors’: EU Parliament member

London: A member of European parliament has said that the Arab governments are seen standing with the “oppressors” when it comes to Kashmir issue.
Conservative Member Sajjad Karim said that on the issue of Indian held Kashmir, the Arab governments firmly stood by India, not Pakistan and this is a fact Pakistanis must digest, The News International reported.
Ruing the silence of Arab countries on Kashmir issue, the North West England MEP said that protests against the Gaza atrocities were being led worldwide by Pakistanis, even though Arab countries refuse to side with Pakistan on the rights of “oppressed Kashmiris”.
“Kashmiris have been oppressed and they are under attack on daily basis by the Indian government but we don’t hear about that often in Western media. Pakistanis across the globe must remember the Kashmiris’ plight also. It’s Pakistanis who are leading the protests against Isreal, they should speak up for Kashmiris too,” Karim added.
Before taking to the street to protest, Karim said, Pakistanis must keep in mind the fundamental question: “What is the official position of these same Arab states when it comes to the long suffering people of Kashmir? Pakistanis should first ask where do Arab states stand on Kashmir before placing themselves on front line in Arab issues.”
He said for many rich and influential Arab states, the issue of Kashmir doesn’t matter because of their dealings with the Indian government over trade and commerce.


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