Did you ever see them
Walking down the lanes
Or have their stars
Turned them to dust
And laid them to graves

Mighty Incantations!
Cast a spell now
And guide them home
For the flames douse
Calling for the dark

Deceptive words!
Teach me a speech
To console the waiting bride
While tears wash her Henna
And corrode the jewels adorned
And fill hopes in life
Of the half widow
Living with binaries

Tell me of a language
Where reality is easy to vocalize
To those poignant parents
Devoid of parenthood
Their eyes swollen and tears drained
Yet a weeping heart longs
To see the blissful sight

With a heart full of hope
They leave at the break of dawn
Wandering far and wide
Searching all over the map
Yet the night falls again
Filling it with a covet

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