Weeping Jhelum


Wept no more Jhelum
On the banks of river Jhelum,
Murmuring sound of bubbling drops,
Rhythmic lyric of her bait,
Hopping she along with jocund waves and tides,
As she behold her phantom in delight.

Rejoicing she with myriad singing,
Forgetting her quest for her feast,
As her colourful visage appeared before.

In darker nights of the forests,
Howling hoots, chirping bats,
Heavy boots treading upon,
Innocent lives faded slowly
As they turned midnight into black.

Come! Rescue me, hold me!

Tightening chords, frenzied stares,
Glanced they with frightful look,
Spotted when she in wait of her knight,
Laughed they as lion roared,
Taunted her for her folly as,
She hung like rippled fork over Jhelum,
Echoing her murder in island of her eyes,
Whispering as rattling noise wept no more Jhelum!

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