Magnificent photos of blossomed Mustard fields in Pulwama

Magnificent photos of blossomed mustard field in Pulwama
A woman engrossed in her thoughts amid the beautiful bloom of Mustard in Pulwama. (Photo: Reshi Irshad)

PULWAMA — Seen in various fields including in villages like Pinglena, Newa, Gudoora, Karimabad, Goosu and Rahmoo of southern Kashmir’s Pulwama, the yellow Mustard blossoms are presenting pleasing scenes, amid the scare of COVID-19.

Magnificent photos of blossomed mustard field in Pulwama
The mustard bloom is a hit with not just youngsters who take landscape pictures and selfies, but with elder people also who enjoy the walk through beautiful Mustard fields. (Photo: Reshi Irshad)

Being the fertile crescent of Kashmir, a large amount of oil and rice is produced in Pulwama district.

The Mustard, the last of the blossoms before the scorching summer starts, ultimately grows into an important cash crop.

Magnificent photos of blossomed mustard field in Pulwama
The beautiful bloom of Mustard also keeps people engaged with work by altering their mood with scintillating scenes around. (Photo: Reshi Irshad)

It all starts with the farmers sowing Mustard seeds in November and the crop is ready on May end. After harvest, pure oil and cattle fodder is then extracted from the crop.

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Afterwards, the farmer uses up the land again and by the first week of June, starts the paddy cultivation.

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