Srinagar: A video showing Armed forces personnel caught stealing apples from an orchard in Kashmir has gone viral on social media. In the video, the farmer, visibly angry, reprimands the forces, who ask for forgiveness.

The video shows a youth, who claims to have bought the Apple orchard for 12 lakhs rupees, complaining to an armed personnel about plucking of apples by one of his colleagues.

The youth, however, is infuriated when the culprit defends his action by talking of some ‘tractor coming’ near the field. An altercation follows which ends with the guilty personnel asking for forgiveness.

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The incident has sparked widespread criticism on social media sites with netizens calling it ‘abuse of power’ by the government forces. However, there are also voices who lauded the forces for showing restraint in dealing with the ‘angry’ farmer.

“The farmer is right. He does hard labour to get good result. Stealing is not a good option. I know if he asks, he would get it (from the farmer),” Amit Singh, a Facebook user commented on the video titled “Armed forces personnel caught stealing apples”.

Sachin Yadav, another user comments, “Hope this is not Kashmiriyat people talk about 😁😀😃… The farmer should have shown big heart!!!!”

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“Guyz! My livelihood directly or indirectly depends on Apple fruit but I will never do this for just an apple. Guyz show your big heart known as Kashmiryat. Sorry to intervene!!! I’m very much heartbroken (from) the time I (watched) this video. Never saw this kind of outburst for just (an) apple. Provide him more,” writes a Kashmiri user, Hilal Hamid.

“This is not a fight due to one apple, it is something else. It is only output of 90’s to 2017 – the anger, the lava,” commented Brainy Shah, a Facebook user.

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