Pellet Plight: Budgam’s Khalid shares his agony!


In this first video of Pellet Plight series, Muqeet Ul Amin hosts a Live Interview with Khalid Ahmad, one of the many pellet victims of Kashmir.

This video series is an initiative started by Peer Viqar Ul Aslam who is a Technology Journalist working for Morocco World News.

Muqeet Ul Amin along with Vikar Syed, who captures this live stream, try to explore the agony of the victims and how painful it feels to realize that a single pellet shot could be so devastating both physically and emotionally.

Khalid Maroof (name changed) was known as Mr. Budgam because of his handsome and muscular looks. Infact, he was a bodybuilder, quite famous in his local area. Previously, he had won Mr. Budgam Bodybuilding Championship 2015.

He was a professional gym trainer and a great support for his family. He aspired to become a model.

He is just 22 years old and his dreams have been shattered. He feels that the state government has been insensitive to the plight of pellet victims and says that “my world has almost been devastated” because of the fateful incident.

Pellet victim Khalid Maroof
Credit: Vikar Syed

On the fateful day, which ironically happened to be the auspicious occasion of Eid al-Adha, he had left for Ompora to give sacrificial meat to one of his relatives there.

“I was heading through an alley and suddenly a CRPF personnel shot at me. I immediately fell down unconscious”, says Khalid.

Local youth in the area took him in a school ambulance to SMHS hospital, Srinagar where doctors began his treatment.

His father says that they had to sell a few acres of land to pay-off the medical expenses even after receiving some monetary help from their relatives.

If you want to help him financially for his treatment expenses, do get in touch with him on his Facebook page.

There are other pellet victims also whose heart-rending stories have remained unheard. We are going to bring more stories like these in this Pellet Plight video series.

These videos are shared from Peer Viqar Ul Aslam’s Facebook page with the hope to bring the victims some respite whether financial or emotional.

For now, we encourage you to watch the video to hear from the victim himself. Do share it on your social profiles also.


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