Traffic cop caught on camera taking bribe


Srinagar: A traffic cop from Jammu Kashmir Traffic Police was caught on camera taking bribe from a truck driver at some undisclosed location. The video of this shameful incident has gone viral on social media sites, especially on Facebook.

The minute-long video, shot with a mobile phone, garnered more than 200k views in about seven hours after it was uploaded on the social networking site Facebook.

In the video, the police official purportedly hints the driver to pay a bribe to avoid getting fined for wearing a ‘Pheran’ (traditional Kashmiri cloak worn during winter) while driving.

As per the video, the driver questions the officer for detaining his vehicle and claims to have all the documents in order.

“I will photograph you and send it to the judge alongwith the challan. I will tell him (Judge) that he (driver) is driving an LP (long platform) truck wearing a pheran,” the officer is heard telling the driver before striking an amiable chord with the driver.

“We have friendship with you (drivers). Why should we fine you?” the officer says as the driver pulls out a currency note and hands it to him.

The traffic police official then lets the driver go without imposing any fine.

A Facebook page namely Pulwama Live 24X7 uploaded the video first and soon after, it went viral with thousands of Views & Shares.

We could not confirm the location where the video was shot as all our efforts to contact the video uploader page admin proved futile.

However, the manner in which the cop demands bribe from the truck driver is an eye opener and points to the rot of corruption in the various state departments.

The traffic cop was slammed by Kashmiri netizens while they also demanded his suspension, followed by an inquiry into the matter.

“This police inspector must be immediately suspend(ed) and booked under anti-corruption act. Such people are the black sheeps of our society”, commented Mohammad Tariq, a Kashmiri Facebook user.

Wajeed Yousuf, another user wrote: “This is no new thing here in Kashmir. This happens every now and then in this particular department. Actually, traffic police never performs its duty whenever they lay a NAQA at some place. They do this only to mint money from everyone. And, Kashmiri people only cry foul against doctors. At least, doctors don’t take bribe!”.

“One thing is worth to be noted that the innocent driver is being fined for wearing Pheran which is our pride, culture and tradition”, says netizen, Javeed Wani.

There was, however, a mixed reponse from netizens so far as the prevalence of corruption in the state institutions is concerned.

I’m not going to defend him but one should remember that “JIS NE PAAP NA KIYA HO WOH PEHLA PATHAR MARE”. He is guilty, so are we. But don’t blame (the) department, there are thousands who are dedicated to their work”, commented another user, Manzoor Ahmad.

Inspector General of Police (Traffic) Jagjit Kumar said that strict action will be taken against the erring official, while Transport Minister Sunil Kumar Sharma did not respond to calls and messages, when contacted to comment on the issue. (With Inputs from PTI)


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