Top five worst jobs in India

You will instantly feel lucky not to be doing them


India has a lot of people who are either unemployed or underemployed. With caste system, reservations and illiteracy reigning the nation, it is no rocket science to understand the reason behind this scenario. If you feel you are not getting paid well despite a six figure salary, then you must read about these worst jobs in India that are either too tedious or too unhygienic and yet paid too low. You will instantly feel lucky not to be doing them.

1. Ragpickers
Ragpickers or people who pick up rags and garbage from streets or railway platforms/rails to keep the city clean get paid just a few bucks, which is not even enough for buying them three meals a day.

2. Manual scavenging
This is one of the worst jobs in India ever and is also illegal. These people are supposed to manually clean and remove human excreta from dry/service laterines. Sounds disgusting, nobody enjoys doing it but it is poverty and unemployment that forces people into such jobs.

3. Coolie
Another job that exists only in India is the job of a coolie who helps you carry your luggage between two platforms on railway station. They sweat it out and carry such heavy baggage on their heads and shoulders that it does bring about a bad effect on their health.

4. Human rickshaw pullers
Though this job exists only in Kolkata, it is still not a job meant for humans. Humans pull the rickshaw on their own, just like horses do, but of course they don’t have as much strength as horses and it causes them a lot of health issues.

5. Traffic police
Another of the worst jobs in India is that of a traffic cop. He faces unruly people, unruly traffic, traffic violators, garbage, heat, dust, cold and many other things day and night just to ensure you are safe and don’t cause accidents or traffic jams.


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