Allow international aid to Kashmir: Yasin Malik

Srinagar: Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front, Muhammad Yasin Malik, has asked New Delhi to allow international aid to Kashmir.
In a statement here, Malik said, “Destruction and mayhem caused by floods is unimaginable. Kashmiris through their unity have shown glaring examples of a living nation.”
Malik visited Rambagh, Mehjoornagar, Bagat, Barzulla and Jawaharnagar areas on Sunday which were worst hit due to floods.
A JKLF spokesman said Malik has been working tirelessly since September 6 when flood waters started submerging Kashmir.
The spokesman said the JKLF Chairman also visited the affected Sikh brethren at Rambagh and a relief camp established by Sikh brethren at Baghat Burzalla. He was warmly welcomed by Sikh leaders.
While speaking to the people, Malik said that the magnitude of human and economic loss is such that Kashmiris need help and assistance of the whole world to rise again. “Kashmiri Diaspora and international community want to help Kashmiris but unreasonable approach and attitude of Indian State is not allowing world to come to the rescue of Kashmiris,” Malik added.
He said that India being a signatory to the Geneva Convention needs to understand the grim situation of Kashmir and the huge loss that Kashmiris have suffered. “India should allow international help to come to Kashmiris. The economic hub of J&K, city-centre Lal Chowk, was left at the mercy of natural disaster and nothing was done to save it. It is a criminal act that rulers have committed and they are responsible for the magnitude of economic loss of Kashmiris.”
Malik said the Kashmiri nation needs appreciation that despite being deprived of all the basic essentials, they saved thousands of lives and provided relief to the flood victims. He said that from Kargil to Poonch and Rajouri, from Tanghdar to Kishtwar and Shopian to Baramulla, no Kashmiri remained aloof from this and participated in the relief efforts.
Malik thanked people who rescued or provided relief to flood victims and said that our job is not done yet. “We have a lot more to do further so our morale should remain as high as it was on the first day.”
At Gurdwara relief camp Baghat, Malik while appreciating the efforts of Sikh brethren said that this show of brotherhood by all religions shows that Kashmiris stand united. Malik also provided relief to the affected people at Mehjoornagar.
The JKLF spokesman said during all these days the party established 12 community kitchens at Barbarshah, Mandirbagh, Basantbagh, Habakadal, Ganpatyaar, Nai Sadak, Kokerbazar, Abiguzar and Saraibala for feeding flood affected people.


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