IUFA condemns ‘hate mongering’ news reports against IUST

Islamic University of Sceince & Technolog - IUST

Awantipora: Islamic University Faculty Association (IUFA) has condemned the ongoing ‘propaganda’ against Islamic University of Science and Technology Awantipora and called for an action against the ‘hate mongering’ news reports and people who are hell bent on creating communal tensions in Kashmir.

“Islamic University of Science and Technology has and will always stand for inter-faith unity and strongly believes in communal brotherhood and respect for religious equality and harmony which are the core values of the university,” said a press statement from the association.

The statement further said, “IUFA has taken a strong note of a possible conspiracy being hatched by some mischievous elements who are working against peace and cordial atmosphere around especially when the parents of the victim girl were completely satisfied with the process of investigation being conducted at the university after their meetings with the university authorities.”

“The preliminary report in its findings has already called for all steps to be taken for providing a complete sense of security to the girl student,” said the statement.

IUFA appealed all stakeholders and peace loving people to take note of these peace disrupting elements and hoped that justice is ensured for all involved.


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