I woke up in dream
Found my Apple orchard
Trees in hundreds like team
Couldn’t contrast, as view tortured

The branches, straight and tall
Along with twigs, bent and small

Slender bent twigs looked weak
One day, made my mind
They needed support in the bleak
With long poles, to make them unwind

‘Let’s do it tomorrow’, My mind said
Relaxed, as one day was still ahead

Long, chilly Winter do came
Strong forces of wind,
Moving towards twigs as flame
Those strong winds, stuck to grind

Final Cry of Heart 💓

The bent twigs shook,
As an earthquake hook

Expected of glorious morning
So, fierce winds, I had skipped
Next day with warning
Through window pane, I tripped

Everywhere, as I gazed at snow
Meditation of trees, gave such blow

Scarring and howling, that snow
Which turned awes into grieves
Ruined my orchard like foe
Twigs, departed from trees like leaves

I rued to much as me,
Feckless for devastation of tree

Now, myself, thinking to give
Support to fallen bents
But the time had its relive
The idea, without contents


Like REPENTANCE after arrival
Of ANGEL OF DEATH snatching survival

Central Idea: Nip the evil in the bud. Hate the sin, but not the sinner. Turn to Allah, before it’s too late.

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