In a crowd of people, I am walking alone.
Talking to myself and sifting truth from falsehood, I am lost in myself.
Mesmerizing landscapes tempt me but I keep to myself.
The gushing rivers entice me, the green trees chase me but I have some promises to keep.

On a tall tree, birds talk of freedom.
How free they used to be!
Their voices are similar but the melody has gone.
Animals keep grazing with their heads down.

The herders are monsters.
Their whips leave a permanent scar on their fragile bodies.
In the shallow waters, fish sigh.
Their companions are in prisons.
No news comes from them.


In a crowd of people, I am walking alone.
The warm rays of the sun evaporate the pious water, sprinkled by my mother.
The gentle breezes lower the heat of my heart.
But the wounds of soul are quite deep.

No one is here to talk with.
So, I am walking alone in a crowd of people.

Syed Mustafa Ahmad
Syed Mustafa Ahmad
Syed Mustafa Ahmad is from Hajibagh, Budgam. His hobbies include reading and writing.

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