A restricted and caged bird,
Craves to fly freely across the borders.

A prisoner in a filthy jail cell,
Yearns to breathe undefiled free air.

A bedridden and ailing patient,
Hankers for an immediate and swift recovery.

A kindergarten kid in school,
Covets to romp with fellows on the ground.

An accused in the courtroom,
Aspires for an early acquittal.

Captive animals in zoos, sanctuaries and parks,
Desire to roam candidly in jungles.

Snowbound commuters on the highway,
Anxiously dream of reaching their destinations.

Musings — The Hidden Emotions

Every living being on this planet,
Is abhorrent of the life’s bondage,
And possesses an affinity for freedom.

Discover a hidden easter egg

Rayees Ahmad Kumar
Rayees Ahmad Kumar
Rayees Ahmad Kumar is a writer and columnist. He hails from Qazigund area of Jammu and Kashmir.

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