Hangout few moons before the fall



Hangout few moons before the fall,
Hath enough time to rejoice,
Roamed as Doe hither and thither,
Had eaten full from delicious thall.

Sojourned lonely in lovely woods,
And remained as tickled pink,
As soon as entered into sociable chat,
Not only with lively but too with dead.

Espied in iota of time,
A morning dew shone as bright,
Heard thrice hold thy horses,
It’s thy your golden prime,
Belated I and hopped high,
Such a thrilling hangout!

Sakeena Jabeen
Sakeena Jabeen
Sakeena Jabeen has done Masters in English and has immense passion for writing. Hailing from Pulwama, she has contributed for many anthologies like Inked Thoughts, Road Taken etc.

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