Known but uncertain.
A macabre aura in her lush green valley
Swirls along the lanes and the by lanes,
Humming the death songs, and
Mocking the mother’s lullaby;
Inundates the spring of love
Reeling under the gales of remorse!


Pulsating pain,
Unbeknown to the servants of chair,
Leaches out the marrow of tolerance,
Wobbles the calmness of quiet sea,
And reduces the sane to stupors;
Mayhem clouds the canvas of peace
And ruins the crop of pride!


Singing the songs of hope, but-
Hearth of ignominy blazes its zenith
Over the apple-bough bedecked contours.
Perforated is every bud that dares to live
In the middle of the ‘dance of death’
Akin to the blind devastating tornado,
Nay, a fair of cherishing right to cease life!


Kind enough to lit the candle of austerity,
Unknown but to decipher abysmal cause of
Long lacuna in a journey called life;
Gog and Magog they name them
Arraying the apostles of deceit;
Machiavellianism it is, do they know!

SPO goes missing with service rifle in Kulgam


Amplified agony of terrorized souls
Nibble at the crumbs of shattered dreams
Along the periphery of devastated ‘Lal-Chowk’;
Nomadic but still the images find abode
Tethered with mournful sand of ‘Sangam’,
Nay, undulating terrain stands it firm
All denizens are but a reflection of


Schizophrenic – An epithet
Round the clock they wear;
Illusionary clouds all around
Neap the momentum of ship
And strangulate everything in a fit of despair
Gushing out the marrow of patience
And leaving behind infertile soil
Regretting what it had?!


Beseeching to blossoms of almond-
Unlearn to rely on the artifacts
Destruction with their only aim;
Gabel otherwise bound to pay we are
Along with the honour and digity,
Mundane – a certificate to be killed?!


Beside the ‘Wular Lake’
Antiquarian lot with over burdened brows-
Nothing to do but recollecting the days:
‘Demons when were worshipped, and
Idols of falsity followed’;
Pine high dreams kissing the ground
Over and above that can be documented;
Rolling is the agonising arid pain
Aching all the wasteland of wounds!

Anantnag Gunbattle: Two Army men among four injured


Gloss of undulating terrain
Anguish in the paroxysms of swindle
Notches of which still bleed
Darkness of dark demegogues;
Eating up of the grey matter follows
Relying on the spoon feed, and
Blackout of the nursery of the intellect
Among the denizens,
Lost in sighs and sobs!


Black and blue still explicit over
Amicable land of dreamers-
Roasted they are from decades;
Along the banks of Jhelum
Mutilated memories are hung
Under the hovering black clouds-
‘Lost for words’ is the expression,
Living souls visiting this garrison;
Alas! Caught we are between the deep sea and the devil
Heros we need in a land of sheepskin prophets!


‘Kiss of death’ is for the democracy
Unabsolved case of ‘Kunan Poshpora’;
Pacified unmarked mass graves
Welcome you to the countryside
Amidst the loaves of corpse, and
Roar of egos
Asking the citizens to prove their identity!

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