In the middle of a soothing summer’s night,
Just after the moon,
Like the coruscating face of a bride,
Appeared from behind the clouds,
And a Maina – lost in her own world of glee,
Was humming in a mellifluous voice,
The lyrics of an exuberant romantic song;

I peeped through the cracked windowpane
Of my inaudibly silent room;

My awaiting eyes followed
The traces of your age-old footmarks
Only to discover an unfathomable horizon
Of heart-stopping disappointments.

Soon the pensive beams of smiling moon
Kissed the dusty layer of my parched cheeks,
Exposing to the sharp wafts of moaning breeze,
The fresh scabs of my maimed body;

After a short tempestuous pause,
The breeze penetrated my fragile skin;

My bruises oozed perennial streams of blood,
And here I lie on the bare floor,
Crushed beyond repair.

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