It was late 1990s, when a small girl like angel, was born in middle-class family in a village of Kashmir. Being first child in her family, she was loved very much, both in her family as well as in the neighbourhood too, until two other little toddlers Lizze and Elif were born.

She thought she would get everything that she wished in her life, even she was sure her wish would never get rejected because she is the loved one. As the time passed, her wonder world started to disappoint her and left her in confusion, wondering how to overcome this.

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She became offensive, even her insecurity turned her mad with eccentric mentality. Her loved ones couldn’t decipher her mind nor her spoken words until she started to paint her crazy mind by reflecting her interior pangs and anxiety in beautiful paintings.

In one of her paintings, she draw her wonder world in which she yearned to have green-placid life but on the other hand, she confronted the dark realities of life, even faced rejection when she was about to marry. Her would-be husband referred her as depressed and lovesick while straightforwardly telling her that he didn’t like her eccentric, crazy mind but believed in a typical household woman who would do everything for her home.

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This very rejection left terrific imprints on her and made her a strong woman and she never moved back as she had her wonder world but became determinant to face every colour of life with smile and would not live anymore in fantasy and self-made wonder world.

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