Steven Spielberg to produce film on Kashmir

Steven SpielbergMumbai, March 13: Steven Spielberg, the director of Oscar-winning historical epic Lincoln will co-produce a film set in the politically volatile region of Kashmir.
The director is best known for films such as Jaws, Jurassic Park and ET. Spielberg is currently in Mumbai, publicizing his latest film, Lincoln, which won an Oscar for Best Actor this year.
He said that the film on Kashmir would be produced by his own studio, DreamWorks, along with its Indian partner Reliance Entertainment, which also co-produced Lincoln.
“We have finalised a script for the movie,” Spielberg said. “Part of it will take place on the India-Pakistan border in Kashmir. But we’re still trying to figure out the casting, locations and who’s going to direct it.”
The 66-year-old director met with Bollywood stars and other Indian film personalities on Monday night. At a party hosted by Indian businessman Anil Ambani, the director met Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan, who later tweeted that the director was “scintillating”.
Spielberg recently announced that he would be making a TV mini-series about Napolean, a project originally worked on, and then abandoned, by Stanley Kubrick.
In his 40-year career, Spielberg has been behind more than 50 films.


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