Pellet Plight: With one dead eye, Owais needs your help!


This second video of Pellet Plight series features Mu’Azzam Bhat as the host in a Live Interview with Owais, another youth from the unfortunate lot of pellet victims of Kashmir.

The video series is an initiative started by Peer Viqar Ul Aslam, a Technology Journalist working for Morocco World News.

The live video series tries to explore the agony of the victims and how painful it feels to realize that a single pellet shot could be so devastating both physically and emotionally.

Owais Ahmad, 21 years, is from Tangmarg area of Baramulla.

On the fateful Friday, while a shutdown was being observed amid clampdown by the government authorities, Owais had gone out in his fields to fetch grass after offering the congregational Friday prayers.

He was leaving for home after coming back from the fields and reached main chowk. The very place proved detrimental as “Police started firing pellets” to quell protestors.

With Owais, another Kashmiri youth got blinded by deadly pellets. He says that he was not part of the protest but still got fired “thirty pellets with one hitting his eye”.

As if this wasn’t enough, the vehicle ferrying him to hospital was stopped by the forces and he was beaten along with the people accompanying him. “The forces even snatched the documents of the vehicle”, adds Owais.

The doctors treating him have expressed helplessness saying they can not remove the pellet which is stuck deep inside his left eye, causing further disappointment to the victim.

Although the pellet hit his left eye but both his eyes have been affected. “I can’t see with my left eye while tears roll down when I try to see with my right eye”, laments Owais.

He says that the use of deadly pellet guns should be immediately withdrawn. “I have lost one eye and face so many hardships. What about those victims who lost both their eyes?”, asks Owais.

The youth needs an immediate medical help so as to save his right eye from any infection that may result as a consequence of the damage to his left eye.

There are other pellet victims also whose heart-rending stories have remained unheard. We are going to continue, bringing more stories like these in this Pellet Plight video series.

These videos are shared from Peer Viqar Ul Aslam’s Facebook page with the hope to bring the victims some respite whether financial or emotional.

For now, we encourage you to watch the video to hear from the victim himself. Do share it on your social profiles also.


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