Taliban officials attend peace talks between senior Afghan politicians and Taliban negotiators in Moscow
Taliban officials led by the movement's chief negotiator Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar (C, front) attend peace talks between senior Afghan politicians and Taliban negotiators in Moscow, Russia. (Photo by Reuters)

The United States of America has pulled out its troops after 20-long years of the fighting in Afghanistan. US-led coalition forces are supposed to complete their withdrawal by late August this year. Meanwhile, Taliban has captured estimated 85% of the territory and they are further closing in on the country’s capital.

Yesterday, the Taliban fighters closed in on Kabul city, which triggered a fierce gun battle between the Afghan forces assisted by the local police.

The Special Forces from Afghan National Army backed by the US are deployed to take out Taliban fighters. However, it appears that Kabul is surrounded after they took over Kandahar during the past week fighting.

The government had criticized the move of the US early leaving will create a power vacuum in the country that Taliban might take advantage of. The assumptions quickly turned into reality for Afghan people and its government, with many soldiers defecting the Army and joining the ranks of Taliban.

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Meanwhile, many other soldiers have fled to neighbouring Tajikistan abandoning the fight and leaving out key and important border areas to Taliban. However, seeing swift movement, Russia has deployed its troops near the Tajik-Afghan border to prevent the spill over of the fighting into the country. Since there is no air-support and no foreign assistance, the security forces are in confusion and are caught off guard before they could regroup.

The Afghan people and their fate is hanging in balance, as the fight between the two opposite forces will decide their future.

The Taliban spokesperson Suhail Shaheen has said that they are committed to provide all the necessary assistance to Afghan women and all the people will be given opportunities in the education and all the related fields.

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The Chinese government has promised to reconstruct Afghanistan with financial assistance and technology support, and Russia is seeking to play a role in the process.

Afghanistan is melting pot at the level of global politics. World powers are hesitant to come for support of the Afghan government because deep down they have accepted the supremacy of the Afghan Taliban.

The US move will have significant impact on some countries including the interim government in Afghanistan. Similarly, the Taliban takeover of the country will also have some impact on the neighbouring nations of Pakistan, India, Russia, and China.

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