Class 12th students can appear afresh in Chemistry paper: Altaf Bukhari


Srinagar: Education Minister Syed Altaf Bukhari on Saturday assured Class 12th students that they would be provided second chance to appear in their Chemistry paper.

Bukhari made the announcement while talking to protesting students at Press Enclave in Srinagar.

The minister de-boarded from the vehicle and inquired from the students why they were protesting.

“Our Chemistry paper was out of syllabus. We want its fresh examination,” the students told the minister.

The minister assured them that the students “who have a complaint and feel they need to appear afresh in the Chemistry paper will be given another chance. Those who are satisfied with the performance in already held Chemistry question paper don’t need to appear afresh.”

After listening to the minister, the students expressed satisfaction and dispersed off peacefully.

It may be recalled that Class 12th students on Monday after appearing in their Chemistry paper complained of high standard and out of syllabus paper.


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