Exam Stress: Top 4 Ways To Deal With It!

Exams! The most stressful time of the year is back. Students are already doing there best to get desirable results. You may be feeling a weight of expectation from your family, school, university or workplace to succeed. Anxiety is natural part of being human. It’s your body reaction to changes in the world around you. When you’re getting stressed about an exam – it just means that you really care about the result you will get. Vital reason for stress during exam is the pressure that is created by family and peers. If your stress levels rise too high for too long, it can be harmful both to you and to your chances of getting good marks.
Below are few tips to get over the stress before exams:
1. Pay Attention On Conceptual Study:
To keep away from examination stress it is very vital to focus on conceptual study from the day you start your preparation. Conceptual study is the only way out to deal with any sort of examination.
2. Talk To Yourself: Very few of us know that most of the power of succeeding in something lies within us. In exam anxiety or panic we often give ourselves negative messages, ‘I can’t do this’ ‘I’m going to fail’ ‘I’m useless’. Try to consciously replace these with positive, encouraging thoughts: ‘This is just anxiety, it can’t harm me’, ‘Relax, concentrate, it’s going to be OK’, ‘I’m getting there, nearly over’.
3. Revise Systematically: Mugging up things will certainly never lead you good marks, instead try to remember facts. Write out essential dates, facts or passages, use lots of colored pens and underline key phrases. Go back over these notes a day later, and then a week after that. Your memory will be better and you will feel more confident about your exams.
4. Study Alone: Group study is not a good idea! This often pulls your confidence down if your friend is better prepared than you. Don’t use them as a benchmark — they might not want to seem daggy for doing lots of revision, or they might not be doing enough. Know yourself and know what you have to do.

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