The time has lost
Nothing left
Only memories of past,
I have kept
The burden of heart
Never made me, to have new start

In morning, as I wake
Only tiding, I hear of you
Since I’ve new ways to take
But still believe, our love was true
I made myself to forget thee
But thine shadows started chasing me

I know, happy, you must be
And forgetting thou past
After parting from me,
The memories that should last,
On thy heart, never left any scar
As thou heart, from my heart, too far

Arise! Oh my people...

In my ignorance, what I wrote
The only shakings, you and me knew
The only voice, in my throat
Which while listening, our intimacy grew
The only thought of thee, pouring in my heart
As of forgetting thee, I have no art

Why can’t I do
That you’ve done
Mine wanna forget you too
In my life, there too should be fun
Whatever the step, you’ll take
I’ll always wait, as my only love isn’t fake

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