Though they harvested hard,
the crops in Autumn, though
for long weeds cast dark
shadows on growing petals
but as rule Spring pierced out
throw the Winter’s chest
sky grew blue, whispering defeat of devilish Winter
like pearls on shore, dew shines bright,
it’s a Spring again!

Each Winter from its Summer,
bring some euphoric kisses
over coloured garments of wood,
butterflies surf wild, over
barren brown beds, greenness
grows again, whilst soils
excruciated nourish magical
lives inside them, and
sweet melodies of lovelorn
birds delight new mornings.


Hands of joy are caressing
earth, it’s again a Spring
laughing at the flowers on it,
which dance in glee, that
flies wild come and suck them,
in their depths, listen!
to open beauty they show,
mysterious passions they hide
for new God has blessed them lives,
they forget often
that awaiting is Summer,
following the exile at Winter!

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