Silence is missing,
While noise is prevailing.
In my noisy world, there is an absence of silence.
Now, silence looks noisy to me.

The breeze seems gusty wind to me.
The calm waters look like ferocious floods.
The rising sun brings the noise.
And the setting sun is about chaos.

In the middle of the night, when silence seems omnipresent,
The noises of the soul break the silence.
The ghosts inside me tear my every nerve,
While the demons of my body haunt me now and then.

The Ambassador

The thirsty souls cry and the dead are awoken.
In my world, silence is missing.

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Syed Mustafa Ahmad
Syed Mustafa Ahmad
Syed Mustafa Ahmad is from Hajibagh, Budgam. His hobbies include reading and writing.

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