KU extends date for Online Applications for B.Ed Course through private colleges


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NAAC Accredited Grade “A”

Office of the Dean College Development Council


The last date for receipt of online application forms for admission to B.Ed course session 2015-16 through private colleges advertised vide notification No: F(B.Ed-Pvt.Colleges–15)CDC/KU/15 Dated: October 10, 2015 is extended upto and including 10th November, 2015 (4:00 P.M).

Other terms & conditions shall remain unchanged.


Assistant Registrar,

College Development Council

No: F (Date Ext.-B.Ed-Pvt. Colleges) CDC/KU/15

Dated: 28th October, 2015

Tel (Office):-0194-2272013/2014

Fax (Office): 0194-2272014



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