Let us not forget about Muslims of Jammu, when we talk about Pandits of Kashmir

    By: Koshur Mazloom

Just want to Inform those who think that the indigenous population of Jammu and Kashmir is not in full support of the Freedom of Jammu and Kashmir (or its Accession with Pakistan).
History of India tells us that M K Gandhi visited Kashmir in 1947 and saw so called “Ray of Hope” in Kashmir. The Question is what was that ‘Ray of Hope’. Let me tell this to all my brothers and sisters what was it.
It was the chance to change the demography of Jammu and Kashmir by way of killings and migration.
Let us analyse and understand the following to strengthen the above argument.
Remembering the Unremembered Past:
1. Huge influx of Hindu population from Lahore and other parts of Pakistan into Jammu and Kashmir and people of Kashmir not opposing that influx, made leaders of India to dream about a future Hindu state in Kashmir, which till date has remained a dream for them.
2. At the time of partition Jammu was a Muslim majority district. Sikhs and Hindus from Punjab massacred Muslims at Peer Mitha and other parts of Jammu. Majority of Muslims were forced to leave Jammu and take refuge in other parts of the world.
3. It was NC (formerly Muslim Conference) which gave citizenship to the Pakistani Hindu migrants just to add up to their vote bank.
Facts about the Demographies:
1. Poonch, Rajuori, Doda, Baderwah, Kishtwar and other Muslim Dominated areas were part of Kashmir which were latter annexed / merged with Jammu Province to make a geographical balance (read imbalance).
2. Jammu is not a Province but a small district with 70% Hindu + Sikh Population and 30% Muslim Population.
Note: All Muslims of Jammu are with the Freedom Movement of Kashmir.
3. Those who oppose the Freedom movement of Kashmir are foreign / alien migrants and they should prefer to go to the heartlands of India from where they actually belong, if they do not like Kashmir or if they do not want to remain with Kashmir. Muslims who used to live in the houses which these alien migrants have occupied should be brought back just like they say Pandits of Kashmir should be brought back to Kashmir although all of these Pandit migrants have sold their properties to Kashmiri Muslims for a good bargain.
Undoing the already Done:
1. If Kashmir Pandits should come back, why should not Muslims of Jammu who were ‘forced’ to migrate in 1947 too be asked to return back?
2. If 1947 Jammu Muslim migration was self-motivated so was Kashmiri Pandit migration self-motivated. Why don’t we take on account those Muslims who left Jammu or were massacred in 1947?
3. If India says, Kashmir is integral part of India so is the 1947 – Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh), Mysore (Kerala + Karnatka), Bhopal (Madya Pradesh), in short whole Deccan should have been parts of Pakistan. They were ruled by Muslim kings as Jammu and Kashmir was ruled by Hindu king. Why I am giving these points is because often it is said that Kashmiri Pandits are real sufferers of this conflict. There is not any proof that they were threatened by anyone. They left Kashmir as they did not want to be the part of the conflict and their migration was self-motivated. No one ever told them to leave. If few Kashmiri Pandits were killed during that time, so were Muslims – who were the part of Indian Administration. If Migration of Muslims from Jammu is a thing of past so is the migration of Pandits, a past – Forget it.

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