One who leads a society, nation, country, state, village, town, etc., is called a leader. Plato, the teacher of Aristotle, said that a leader is an asset for the state. Without him, the state is devoid of development. Plato further says that a leader always is a philosopher. It is because he always likes truth in whatever form.

In this respect, Islam also is not behind. The Muslim Community is also advised to work under the watchful eye of a just ruler. Leaderless community can never flourish. Other religious and non-religious scriptures also stress upon this fact as well. So, it becomes clear that never should a community remain without a just ruler. But if we talk of the Muslims in particular, they have innumerable leaders. Why is it? Let us try to know to some causes.

First, sects always are harmful. Minor issues can be kept aside. The majority of the principles, if common, can act as source of unity. But we let those persons speak, who highlight the minor issues and create sects. They, being uneducated, deploy tactics that create a wide chasm and the best of the society is ruined. Here and there, these emotionally immature preachers have brought more harm than profit. If for the sake of academics, we look out for the doctorate students, why in this case, we look out for those preachers who don’t even know the meaning of any holy verse. They follow their whims and speak foul against others that hurt the basics of the Muslim Community. And it paves way for intolerance.

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Second, the sectarian books are provided free. Without any research, the books reach the remotest parts of any area. It results in the sectarian divisions of the society. The unity is shattered into pieces. The person who dreams of unity is left clueless because we are the community, who almost worship the preachers and orators. We never pause for a moment that these preachers are like us and are immune to mistakes. They can be wrong at any time. We, being the narrow-minded, take everything as a gospel truth. After a brief lull, the sectarian books produce fruits in the shape of divisions.

Third and last is the smooth growing of Masjids. It can be termed as religiosity. It is in contrast to the real purpose of a Masjid. Masjids are constructed on the large basis to depict that we can’t live peacefully. The concept of Jama Masjid means that we should assemble in a single place and live like humans. Our Creator says the faithful are brothers. You will see faithful like a hard wall. But our walls have the foundations of sand. Any minor issue of the lowest rank shatters our foundations and we are divided into parties. It still is not clear to us that why Masjids are there.

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The unity of Ummah is obligatory than that of some peripheral issues. We can’t leave the examples shown by our beloved Prophet Muhammad when for the sake of unity, he advised his Companions to offer the Congregational prayers so that the custom of being rich and poor, black and white, Arab and non-Arab, is erased from the lives of people. Today, when the world needs peace, we love violence.

There can be many ways of offering Namaaz. But the important thing is that one should bow his or her head. The pride of being someone should get erased. The created should know his or her Creator. It is the essence of Islam.

So, let us like true Muslims ponder over the wrongdoings and promise that we will not create more sects and act as an obstacle in choosing a leader for the whole Ummah. Let us leave the minor issues aside and accept that which is common.

Why the 57 countries can’t choose a single leader in the light of the Qur’an and the traditions of the holy Prophet Muhammad? So, don’t fall in a trap because wisdom is an asset of a faithful. He or she has to find it. Let us find and love wisdom.

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