Argentine Jorge Bergoglio is new Pope

Vatican City, March 15: From “the end of the earth,” the Catholic Church found a surprising new leader, a pioneer pope from Argentina who took the name Francis, a pastor rather than a manager to resurrect a church and faith in crisis.
He is the first pontiff from the New World and the first non-European since the Middle Ages.
Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the archbishop of Buenos Aires who has spent nearly his entire career in Argentina, was a fast and fitting choice for the most unpredictable papal succession start to finish in at least six centuries.
He is the first pope from the Americas, the first Jesuit and the first named Francis, after St Francis of Assisi, the humble friar who dedicated his life to helping the poor. The last non-European pope was Syria’s Gregory III from 731-41.
“You know that the work of the conclave is to give a bishop to Rome,” the new pontiff said as he waved shyly to the tens of thousands who braved a cold rain in St Peter’s Square.


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