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Gulmarg ski packages can be found to suit all lifestyles
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It does not come as a surprise to most people that Gulmarg ski packages have become highly popular over the past few years among fans of winter sports. The ski season in this intriguing part of the world begins immediately after New Year’s and lasts throughout March. People from the United States, Australia, Europe, Russia, New Zealand, and many other areas travel to this exciting location to indulge in a fun and memorable ski vacation. Gulmarg is a hills station town in the Baramula district of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. The town is part of the Himalayan Mountains between Pakistan and India.

Worldwide Popularity
Gulmarg has achieved global recognition for its spectacular scenery and natural, unspoiled landscapes. Conditions in the area make it ideal for skiing, and for this reason it has become a favorite of many professional skiers, as well as those who simply ski for pleasure. Films have even been made in this area featuring the sport.

Impressive Scenery
Gulmarg is home to the world’s highest ski lift. This impressive tourist attraction adds to its popularity among winter sports enthusiasts. Simply riding Gulmarg Gondola cable car is considered an activity in and of itself. Even those who do not ski often take a cable car ride on the Gondola to enjoy the outstanding scenery for which the area is famous. The latter includes meadows, valleys filled with snow, spectacular mountain ranges, and surprisingly blue skies.
Vacationers who enjoy traveling light will find that rentals are readily available. In addition, the town features 3 ski lifts appropriate for both beginners and intermediate skiers. There are also many ski instructors employed in the area at various establishments who can provide quality training to those who are just learning the sport. Vacation packages including ski lessons are available through certain travel agencies as well.

Part of the attraction associated with this beautiful skiing town is the fact that it is conveniently located. One can fly to Gulmarg from major airports, such as New Delhi, in only a few hours. Additionally, the town features numerous resorts, hotels, and guest houses where tourists can stay in security and comfort. Car rentals are also available at many establishments in town, although if one plans to visit the area in the heart of winter, he or she should rent a jeep or invest in a set of chains in order to avoid getting stuck in the snow.

Lodging can be found in this area to match essentially any lifestyle or budget. Due to the popularity of the region; however, booking reservations in advance is highly recommended. Most accommodations are rustic and quaint, and most proprietors do everything they can to compete for the business of various tourists and vacationers. This is advantageous to travelers, as each establishment tries to outdo the other with regard to rates and amenities.

Shopping for Gulmarg Ski Packages
When shopping for packages, one must take several aspects into consideration. These include the time of year he or she wishes to travel, whether a car rental or other rental equipment such as skis are necessary, and whether the standard vacation or an all-inclusive package is desired. It is wise to give thought to these and other factors ahead of time to ensure that the best packages are selected.
Gulmarg ski packages can be purchased through a travel agency or one can make reservations online. However, comparison shopping is in the best interest of any traveler, as this will ensure that the most appropriate option is chosen. Because skiing in this intriguing area of the world increases in popularity each year, essentially any traveler planning a ski vacation to Gulmarg will be well satisfied with his or her experience.

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